Book Review: Crashing Eden by Michael Sussman

For one boy and his friends, the path to Paradise comes at a cost—one they may not be prepared to pay.

When a biking accident leaves 17-year-old Joss Kazdan with the ability to hear things others can’t, reality as he knows it begins to unravel.

A world of legends exists beyond the ordinary life he’s always known, and he is transported to the same Paradise he’s studying in World Mythology. But the strange gets even stranger when his new friends build a device that delivers people through the gates of the Garden of Eden.

Now Samael, the Creator God, is furious. As Samael rains down his apocalyptic devastation on the ecstasy-seeking teens, Joss and his companions must find a way to appease Samael—or the world will be destroyed forever.

I was fortunate enough to win a free ebook of this and I was quite excited to start reading.

Early on I found this book to be fast-paced, and I generally like to read books where the chapters don’t drag on and on. So this was perfect for my preference, but at the same time I felt that there was a lot missing because of the fast pace. At times, especially towards the end, it felt like the story was being forced a certain direction and I didn’t necessarily “buy” what the author was selling.

Other than that hiccup in the story, I did enjoy this book as a whole. Joss was a pretty interesting character, and though he had some major flaws at the beginning of the story, towards the end he turns a new leaf. I particularly enjoyed his interactions with his younger sister because it was mostly then that we saw Joss’s sweet side. He’s not exactly on the best of terms with his parents, and his interactions with his only friend doesn’t make it seem like he’s that nice of a guy.

All in all there’s not much I can say without giving away spoilers, but I feel as though the story could’ve been structured a bit better, maybe filled in some gaps the story seems to leap through. But it is an interesting read nonetheless.

Crashing EdenCrashing Eden by Michael Sussman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars




I’m behind on posting my reviews! But I’ll be catching up soon. Review to be posted tomorrow:

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