As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved words. I remember being a kid and watching my mom sign a check, and thinking it was the best thing in the world; putting pen to paper. I started scribbling nonstop, pretending I was writing stories and letters to people I’ve never met. This of course continued on into my early years of school. Teachers would have to tell me to write less because they only asked for a page of work, and I decided to write three.

My love for words has never left me and from that love blossomed an unsurprising love of books. As soon as I learned to read I couldn’t get my hands on enough stories. I devoured everything that came my way and could recite to you exactly what happened. I was ravenous in my thirst for words. I wanted them all, and the only way to make that happen was to keep reading.

To this day I still have that ravenous urge to read. If I’m not absorbed in a book I feel as though something is missing. I love to be in the midst of a story, knowing when I’m out and about that I have a book to come home to. I usually wish the stories would never end, but of course they always do.

This of course is why I’ve created this blog. To share with whomever chooses to read my posts, my thoughts on whichever new book I’ve chosen to get lost in.

I hope my reviews entertain and most importantly arm potential readers with information as to whether or not they would enjoy the story I chose to read.

So ends my first post. I look forward to starting this journey!

Happy reading,

T.K. Campos